Swingtherm cleans air without external energy usage.

Swingtherm and its technology
At a VOC content higher than 0,6-0,8 g/m3 (depending on the type of VOC) Swingtherm operates autothermally i.e. no external heat supply is needed. Only the air fan requires power.

Heat is stored in two separate ceramic beds that alternately accumulate and release heat generated when the VOCs are oxidized in the catalyst beds. To begin the oxidation process the air is preheated before it is sent into the catalyst bed. A switching valve is then used to reverse the direction of the air cyclically, so that polluted air is heated by warmth stored in either one of the ceramic beds before it reaches the catalyst.

Swingtherm is well adapted for both low and high concentrations of VOCs (concentrations up to 25% of L.E.L.). A standard Swingtherm installation is capable of achieving a 96-98% removal efficiency. The low reaction temperature, normally 300-500°C, does not generate any nitrogen oxides (NOx). The energy available in the hot, purified, outlet airflow can be used to supplement space-heating requirements.