VOC Concentration system


Low operating cost at high airflows

VOC concentration and its technology
At very low VOC concentrations in large air flows it is better, from an operational point of view, to adsorb pollutants using a suitable adsorbent material i.e. zeolites and then release and purify the pollutants in a substantially reduced air flow (10 times smaller). This method also allows the size of the purification unit to be reduced by a factor of 10 thus minimizing investment and operating costs.

Polluted air from the manufacturing process (large air flow) passes through the process zone while the VOC rotor turns. VOC's carried in this air flow are adsorbed by the rotor's zeolite material and purified air is returned to the atmosphere.

The remaining contaminated desorption air flow is then released to a catalytic air purification system (Swingtherm).